Angina in adults - symptoms and treatment, photo

Angina is an infectious disease, the main manifestation of which is inflammation of the tonsils. The disease is provoked by various microbes, mainly streptococci, they get into the throat more often with household items used by a sore throat. The term "angina" has been known since the days of ancient medicine; to date, many pathological changes of the oropharynx have been associated with it, which have common symptoms, but differ in etiology and course.

How to treat severe sore throat at home?

Trouble with the throat happens with almost everyone, and someone is pursued periodically. They begin in different ways: first there is hoarseness of voice, tickling, general malaise, and sometimes the throat is immediately inflamed. In all cases, a common problem is seriously troubling: severe pain in the throat when swallowing with or without fever.

Cardiac asthma - symptoms, treatment

Cardiac asthma is an acute left ventricular failure, which is caused by stagnation of blood in the pulmonary circulation, as well as international pulmonary edema. This manifestation is caused by attacks of breathlessness, shortness of breath, and also requires immediate medical attention, since even the preliminary symptoms of cardiac asthma without proper treatment can lead to death.

100 to 100 pressure - what does that mean?

The pressure of 100 to 100 - this figure may be the athlete, and a person who constantly trains in the gym, is engaged in fitness. Most often, such pressure and the one who is hard physically working. In this case, such indicators for these categories of the norm. It used to be considered that the lower pressure does not play a special role if the upper indicator is normal.