Causes of brown discharge instead of menstruation

Women monitoring their health know their menstrual cycle and the time of the onset of menstruation well. Therefore, they will immediately notice their absence or brown discharge instead of menstruation, the causes of which can be very serious.

If you observe a brown daub for not one, but several cycles in a row, then you should not delay the visit to the gynecologist. Consider several options for the occurrence of such cases, and try to understand what it means.

Allocation depending on age

Girls from 12 to 14 years old outwardly develop quite quickly. But nature is not to be deceived, and for the first couple of years after the onset of menstruation their body presents surprises in the form of an irregular cycle and a strange color of discharge.

If a girl feels well, that is, she does not experience severe pain on critical days and immediately in front of them, her psychological state does not go beyond the normal range, then brown menstruation is not a cause for worry. However, if such a phenomenon continues all the time, it is a reason to consult a gynecologist for advice.

At reproductive age, scanty brown discharge instead of menstruation can be a disturbing signal of a sexual disorder. Also bleeding instead of menstruation can talk about pregnancy. If the test is negative, it is possible that the period is too small and the test will not show two strips, but the brown daub indicates a threat of miscarriage.

Also during the premenopausal period in women after 40 years (see the first signs of menopause), brown discharge instead of menstruation is permissible and caused by the natural extinction of ovarian function, a decrease in hormonal levels.

The reasons

There may be several different causes for the occurrence of brown secretions, among which may be serious pathologies entailing serious consequences, as well as absolutely safe situations that you should not worry about.

The following are the pathological factors leading to the appearance of brown secretions instead of menstrual:

  1. Endometritis (inflammation of the inner functional layer of the uterus);
  2. Childbirth or abortion, resulting in injury to the uterus;
  3. Poisoning with poisons and chemicals;
  4. Sudden weight loss or anorexia;
  5. Stress states and nervous exhaustion;
  6. Reduced immunity;
  7. Avitaminosis;
  8. Excessive physical exertion
  9. Injuries or surgery on the internal genital organs;
  10. Various inflammatory processes;
  11. Stable smoking and alcoholism;
  12. Malignant and benign neoplasms of the female genitalia;
  13. Endocrine pathologies or hormonal disruptions arising from the use of hormonal drugs.

To more accurately establish the causes of this phenomenon, you need to clarify:

  • the number of full years;
  • the presence of pregnancy;
  • have there been any operations before this;
  • whether the woman had regular sexual contact before the last months;
  • daub instead of menstruation may appear due to external factors;
  • whether brown spotting has appeared after pregnancy and childbirth;
  • whether scanty brown discharge appeared instead of menstruation during breastfeeding;
  • disruption of the female urogenital system;
  • other medical reasons.

If you are young, do not prepare to become a mother, do not take hormonal drugs and other hormonal contraceptives, for example, novaring, and menstruation is always of limited nature, do not come regularly - contact a specialist, because hormonal disorders can be the cause. In this case, you will need adequate treatment.


If the pregnancy test is positive and the woman has scant menstrual periods, this is not considered normal, but indicates a lack of hormones necessary for maintaining the pregnancy. The time when menstruation is supposed to be the days of increased danger for the child, therefore the risk of abortion increases, these days progesterone levels decrease and endometrial detachment may occur.

To make sure that the woman is pregnant, you should take a test for hCG and do a pregnancy test. Also, one of the causes of brown spotting instead of menstruation may be an ectopic pregnancy, while the test shows a positive result.

Hormonal contraceptives

Dark brown discharge instead of menstruation may also occur as a result of taking hormonal contraceptives or carrying out any gynecological surgery.

In the first case, menstruation in general becomes scarce and short-lived, while in the second we can talk about the development of the inflammatory process after surgery or the side effects of the medicine prescribed by the doctor in the postoperative period. In both cases, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Dark brown discharge instead of menstruation

Stress can lead to the appearance of dark brown discharge instead of menstruation. In case of increased tension and nervous exhaustion, this phenomenon may occur in a woman.

In addition, the failure of ovulation, which leads to a stable smoking, a large amount of alcohol consumed and the frequent occurrence of acute respiratory infections, is also the cause of dark brown discharge. They manifest themselves as a scanty scanting in the middle of the cycle.

What to do with such a problem?

For a start, a woman should find out if she is pregnant. It is also worth analyzing the lifestyle and psychological situation, which could undermine health and provoke a failure.

Those who have a cycle violation need to eat a full-fledged way: there are such foods that are rich in protein, as well as a large amount of fruits and vegetables, give up bad habits and guarantee yourself the longest possible sleep and rest.

The causes of the problem, when instead of menstruation are brown discharge, can be serious diseases of the female reproductive system, such as endometriosis or uterine myoma. Therefore, in any case, a woman should not draw conclusions on her own - whether such secretions are the norm or they talk about some kind of pathology, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist.

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