Choosing the best worms tablets for humans

“Wash your hands before eating!”, “Do not drink raw water!”, “Wash fruits and vegetables before serving!” - we know these rules of personal hygiene from early childhood. And why are they so important? The answer is simple - without observing them, a person can become infected with worms, which are very difficult to remove.

Worms are quite common, and their varieties, there are more than 20 species.

In our article we will tell you which pills for worms are better for a person so that prevention or treatment is effective.

How to choose a good pill for worms?

All currently existing helminths are divided into three major classes:

  • nematodes (roundworms);
  • trematodes (flatworms);
  • cestodes (tapeworms).

Therefore, in order to choose the best worms tablets for a person, before starting treatment, it is necessary to determine the type of helminth, i.e. his belonging to one or another class of the above. For this specific tests are carried out.

In total, there are about 100 types of worms that can have a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract. In the small intestine are usually settled:

  • wide ribbon;
  • hookworm;
  • roundworm;
  • dwarf tapeworm;
  • pinworms;
  • whipworm

Also, parasites are also distributed to tissue and luminal. Tissue worms live in muscles, tissues and organs. The brain affects cysticercosis, the lungs - paragonimiasis, the liver - echinococcosis, the lymphatic vessels - filariasis. There are worms that are localized in tissues at the initial stage of migration, for example, roundworm.

How do these drugs work?

These are chemotherapeutic drugs that realize their effect on the biological structures of worms and the biochemical processes in their tissues:

  1. Violate the cells of the intestinal canal of the helminth (albendazole).
  2. Persistently violate the absorption of glucose by the cells of the helminth, causing their death (mebendazole).
  3. Combined action: paralyzes the worms and disrupts the biochemical processes in their cells (levamisole).
  4. They block the transmission of nerve impulses to muscle cells and cause persistent helminth paralysis, after which it is excreted from the body with feces. So act pyrantel, piperazine, praziquantel.

Any drugs, especially from tape and flat worms, should be taken only on prescription. Anthelmintic drugs are very toxic, the use of which must be strictly followed the dosage depending on the weight of the patient, as well as maintenance therapy should be carried out in a hospital.

Nematode or Roundworm Medicines

Roundworms include pinworms, whipworm, roundworm, trichinella, toxocaras. If the parasites are in the intestines, then the person is helped by a certain type of worms tablets.

Here is a list of good drugs:

  1. Levamisole - Dekaris (70-90 rubles).
  2. Piperazin 10-30 rub.
  3. Pyrvinium embonat - Pyrkon, Pyrivinium, Wankwin.
  4. Carbendatsim - Medamin.
  5. Mebendazole - Vermox 90 rub. Vormin 20 rub., Vero-Mebendazole, Vermacar, Mebex, Termoks.
  6. Albendazole - Nemozol (price 120-150 rubles), Wormil, Helmodol-VM - suspensions, chewable tablets.
  7. Pyrantel pamoat - Gelmintoks (80-120r.), Nemotsid, Kombantrin, Pyrantel (30-50 p).

If nematodes live outside the intestines, other means are used:

  1. Ivermek (Baymek, Ivomek).
  2. Ditrazina citrate.

Preparations from cestodes or tapeworms

Representatives of tapeworms are echinococcosis, coenurosis, teniidoz, teniasis, cysticercosis. For the treatment of these worms use the following tablets:

  1. Albendazole - Nemozol is effective both in nematodoses and in mixed worm infestations, echinococcus, giardiasis, neurocysticercosis, caused by Taenia solium in its larval form.
  2. Mepacrine - Akrikhin invasion bovine, dwarf chain, wide lentets, with giardiasis, cutaneous leishmaniasis, malaria.
  3. Niclosamide - Fenasal, used from intestinal tapeworms.

Tablets from flukes helminths or trematodes, flatworms

Helminthiases of this broad class include opistorchis, fascioliasis, cercariasis, schistosomiasis, eurythromosis and many other diseases. In this case, use the following tablets for worms:

  1. Praziquantel - Biltricid (price 6. Table. About 400 rubles) Tsesol, Cysticid.
  2. Chloxyl and Bitionol are applied from extraintestinal trematodes.
  3. Perchlorethylene - from intestinal trematodoz.
  4. Azinoks - a broad-spectrum drug, it is a pill for many types of worms.

What pills are better from worms for prevention?

Proponents of prophylactic medication do not propose the use of drugs to the right and left. They note cases where the use of a drug for worms can be justified despite the lack of laboratory tests.

So, for example, if parasites are found in at least one of the family members, taking medication for prophylaxis (at a lower dosage) is required by all, without exception, who live or come into contact with the patient. The reason is that the level of infection through household items, a handshake, pet hair, clothing, bedding is very high.

In general, the main indications for the prevention of worms with pills are formulated:

  • have contact with pets;
  • regular contact with the soil (agricultural workers, children playing in the sandbox);
  • travel to exotic countries;
  • hobbies related to fishing, hunting, beach sports;
  • stay of children and adults in tight, closed groups.

Some doctors say that even if no one in the family is sick, and no signs of worms are found, twice a year, taking Pirantel for prophylaxis will not hurt (the dosage is specified by a specialist).


Worm - antihelminthic drug of a wide spectrum of action, which is prescribed for intestinal and skin invasions. The active ingredient of the drug is albendazole, which suppresses the polymerization of Tubolin protein, which causes a violation of the metabolism of parasites and their death.

Enterobiosis, necatoriasis, ascariasis, trichinosis, skin migratory larvae, giardiasis and other parasites are considered the main indications for use.


The drug is based on levamisole hydrochloride - a substance with an active action against ascaris, pinworms, hookworm and other representatives of nematodes. A single dose of medication for an adult is 150 mg.

It is recommended to take a pill after a meal once, and repeat the procedure if necessary after 1-2 weeks. As a side effect, headache, nausea, indigestion, skin rash may occur. Dekaris is not used in the treatment of helminthiasis in children under 3 years.

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