What to do when blew neck and can not turn his head?

A disease such as cervical miositis, about which the people say “neck bleed,” manifests itself quite suddenly. And the cause of this disease is drafts, sudden changes in the weather, uncomfortable position of the head during sleep, prolonged tension of the neck muscles during work, stress. Often myositis becomes a complication after acute respiratory viral infection, sore throat, flu.

Why dyspnea occurs when walking - causes, treatment

Dyspnea is an unusual sensation of breathing or the need for more intense breathing. Dyspnea can be defined as respiratory discomfort, shortness of breath, an uncomfortable or unpleasant feeling of one’s breathing, or an awareness of difficulty breathing. Dyspnea as a sign of respiratory failure appears in the case of the inability of the human respiratory system to meet the needs of the body in gas exchange.

What to do when your hands go numb - causes and treatment

All people know the feeling that when an uncomfortable position of the hands can lose sensitivity, the hands and fingers become numb. If this phenomenon is short-lived, then it is associated with squeezing of nerve endings and should not be disturbing. However, if numbness occurs for no apparent reason, and lasts a long time, or does not stop at all, then this is a clear sign of an existing pathology.

Hand tremor: causes and treatment in adults

Probably each of us faced with a situation when the hands are shaking. Sometimes we can explain it with nervous shock, excitement, fear, but it happens that we do not find a rational explanation. In fact, the causes of tremor of the hands can be many and not all of them relate to psychology, some of them indicate the presence of a serious damage to the brain or internal organs.

Abundant salivation: causes and treatment in adults

Perhaps there is no need to explain what the salivation process implies. The oral cavity is filled with secretion produced by the salivary glands. Reflex actions are not controlled by a person, but under the influence of various factors and due to certain conditions of the body, the amount of saliva secreted can greatly increase, which serves as a signal of malfunctions in the functioning of organs and systems of vital activity.

Tick ​​bite in humans: effects, symptoms and photos

Mite is a subclass of arthropods from the arachnid class, the body length of an average sized individual is 0.5 mm. Activation of insects begins in spring and early summer, the risk of being bitten increases in warm, dry weather. When a bite through the wound anesthetic substance is injected into the body, as a result of which insect attacks pass for a person completely unnoticed.

Why there is pain in the groin of women: right, left

Pain in the groin area in women can occur for various reasons. Do not turn a blind eye to this problem, because it may be a sign of other, more serious diseases. Most of those at risk of pain in the groin of women are those ladies who play sports at a professional level. In this case, the problem does not require medical intervention, since it is considered quite natural.

What causes pain in the groin in men: right, left

In the inguinal region, that is, at the junction of the lower abdomen to the thigh, there is an inguinal canal with large blood vessels and nerves of the thigh. In men, the spermatic cord is located in this area, and in women, the uterine ligament is round. In the case of a hernia in the inguinal canal, intestinal loops may also descend to the same area.

What are the reasons for bleeding from the nose in an adult?

Anyone at least once, but had to deal with nosebleeds. But not everyone knows why they are bleeding from the nose. The causes of this phenomenon in an adult can be very different: overwork and fatigue, nasal injuries, as well as other more serious diseases. In cases where nosebleeds occur quite often, you must immediately undergo a medical examination to identify the true cause or disease.

Enlarged submandibular lymph nodes: causes and treatment

Inflammation and enlargement of the submandibular lymph nodes is considered a type of lymphadenitis, and is the most common form of this disease. The main reasons for the manifestation of submandibular lymphadenitis can be various inflammatory processes that occur directly in the oral cavity. For example, with the defeat of dental caries, during chronic tonsillitis, periodontal disease and other diseases of the soft tissues of dental gums.

Noise in the ears and head

Noise or ringing in the ears and head are not independent diseases, usually this is a consequence of a certain failure in the body. Moreover, the "malfunction" can be as insignificant as, for example, excessive overwork, and quite serious - otitis, swelling, Meniere's disease. In official medicine, the term "tinnitus" is used to refer to permanent ringing in the ears and head.

Headache in the forehead - causes and treatment

Headache in the forehead, which is localized in the region of the eyes or temples is the most common. Such painful sensations are known to virtually everyone. Pain in the frontal region, a feeling of heaviness and pressure in the eyes and temples - not a pleasant feeling. Such pain can manifest itself in an absolutely healthy adult.

How to stop hair loss in men?

The problem of their own appearance worries not only the beautiful half of humanity, but also the stronger sex. Men often pay as much attention to caring for their hair as women. Therefore, in our time, hair loss in men is a rather urgent problem, with which a huge number of people struggle. At least thirty percent of all men are completely or partially bald.

Frequent urination to men: causes and treatment

Very often, men who are faced with the problem of frequent urination, do not rush to seek help from a urologist, especially if this symptom manifests itself without pain, as well as obvious sensations of burning or itching. However, men should take into account the fact that the disease is not always pain, and frequent urination does not only cause certain inconveniences and great discomfort, but can also be a major signal that something amiss is happening to the body.

Why does blood appear when urinating in men?

Blood in the urine of men is a serious reason for a thorough examination of the whole organism. This dangerous symptom of many serious diseases is often visible to the naked eye and has a scientific name - hematuria. Depending on the amount of blood secreted, hematuria is divided into gross hematuria and micro hematuria.

Why does blood appear when urinating in women?

Hematuria is a common pathology characterized by the appearance of blood in the urine of a sick woman in excess of the physiological norm. It is believed that this phenomenon is one of the most typical symptoms of diseases of the kidneys and organs of the genitourinary system. Modern medicine is aware of more than 100 pathologies, to one degree or another contributing to the development of hematuria.

Elbow pain - causes and treatment

One of the most common complaints with which people go to a doctor is pain in the elbow joint of the hands. Depending on the nature and type of pain, the patient may turn to a traumatologist, rheumatologist or neurologist. Pain may occur when the arm is flexed and straightened, or not affected by movement.